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Well, hello again!
I suppose that now, after all the holiday baking and tomfoolery has passed, it would be a wonderful time to introduce you to the world of Steampunk food. Better late than never, right? Anyways, I have decided to continue to write about aspects of Steampunk that others might not consider. Interior design is one thing, but creating a Steampunk work of art you can eat? That’s another.

When I say Steampunk food, I do not mean tea time. While that is a wonderful tradition of the Victorian era, I think what Steampunk food represents is more than social customs. It can be a form of expression or a means of experience. As with most things in the genre, I believe that food with the Steampunk label ought to have at least some degree of artistic influence. Food is an art form, after all.


There is a compilation of recipes, entitled Fuel For the Boiler: A Steampunk Cookbook which was inspired by a thread in the well-known and loved forums of Brass Goggles. This book is filled with recipes that any cook can assemble without too much bother. The fact that Brass Goggles forum members managed to create a cookbook via community effort is impressive in and of itself, never mind the fact that the food that can be prepared looks absolutely delicious. The creations range from traditional to exotic, allowing any individual to go on a culinary adventure as dangerous, or tame, as they choose. Fuel For the Boiler can be downloaded for free here.
As an added plus, the folks behind the project are working on a second cookbook, and they happen to be seeking contributions on the forum.


Of course, if you’re looking for drinks rather than food, the infamous Martha Stewart has your covered. Fresh From the Lab Bubbling Cocktails. This is a mixed cocktail that any mad scientist can appreciate after a long day of creating half pony, half monkey monsters for loved ones. Just be sure not to use the same beakers from your experiment for this drink, or there could be some pretty disastrous results.

When you don’t REALLY feel like cooking anything special, there’s always the crazy way to cook hot dogs. Scott Beale has created a video that chronicles his hot dog experiments involving, what else, steam.  Obviously, safety is a must, so be sure to wear your goggles if you attempt such a masterpiece at home!


No meal is complete without a little bit of sweet at the end. At least, that’s the rule I happen to live by. Over at Brass Goggles, they have once again used their creative genius to makes something to please the sugar-cravers among us. Tinkergirl has created a cog-shaped cookie cutter with which to attack your enemies and carve out cog-shaped chunks of flesh. If you’re in to cannibalism, at least.  Kidding, kidding. But with this cookie cutter, you can turn your favorite dough into gear-shaped treats. Now, what would really make my day is a wrench shaped cookie-cutter. Perhaps that can be done in the future. For science!

Alas, readers. This post has made me quite famished. I believe I’ll go throw on my lab coat and concoct something diabolical. Until next time.

Always passing strange,
Oddessa Gooding

I am the webmaster of this website. I am not the original creator of the website. Wings of steam was originally created by a group of cosplayers at an anime convention. Their domain/website expired in 2013. In 2014, a year later, I personally renewed the domain and restored and redesigned the original website. I definitely do not take credit for the previous owners blog posts. They did an amazing job for a few years on this website, and should be given credit. They put a lot of time into Wings of Steam.

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